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Warranties for Travel Safety Products

All of the products that are sold on this website come with a manufacturer's warranty that is included with that product. This is the only written warranty for such product. If you wish to obtain a warranty for a product sold on this website, you may send an e-mail request to In the e-mail please be sure to include the model number and full name of the product(s).


Let’s chat, visit us at Just click on the icon in the lower right hand corner and type ‘help’.

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    Amanda L Wert

    This is partly a warranty issue but partly a frustration issue. I have had my son in the air elite car seat for 2 years now and have had so many troubles with the straps. I have emailed and talked to the company that we bought it from but basically got the you bought it theres nothing we can do. I have struggled finding someone to contact. The cars seat we have is impossible to tighten and the straps twist so every time we put my son in we have to kneel in the seat and read on the straps to loosen then move the buckets up and down to un twist them. I feel like I bought a dud car seat and wish that I would have bought a different brand.
    Amanda wert

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    Consumer Care

    Hi Amanda,

    We will need an email address in order to contact you.  Please email us at: and someone will respond to your request.  

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