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Proper Rear-Facing Installation and Angle Tips...


  • Dorel testing has shown that the resulting angle leads to the best crash test performance, even for older and larger children, for car seats that have level line indicators.
  • If your car seat model has an angle indicator with a ball, rather than level lines, the ball should be between the two marks on the indicator that matches the weight of your child. NOTE: Check the angle indicator while parked on level ground.
  • Do not recline more than 45 degrees from vertical.
  • Follow CR manufacturer’s instruction for acceptable rear-facing recline angle.
  • Not all manufacturers recommend the same angle.
  • As baby ages and obtains better head control, he/she may sit more upright. This can actually provide for improved crash protection. CR recline indicator:
  • The recline angle indicator is part of the CR and should be used as indicated by the manufacturer.

* Certified Passenger Safety Technician Curriculum: page 133- Correct recline angle NOTE: Always consult CR manufacturer’s instructions for how to obtain proper angle. (Page 134)


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